Up on the Roof! DMC X UPLIFT Wellbeing Week at the DMC

Join us for an UPLIFTing week of activity at the DMC with a mix of art, wellbeing and chill out from June 18th to 22nd

Talking about mental health has been a taboo subject for way too long. Far too many people keep their anxieties, worries and concerns to themselves for a huge range of reasons but in the workplace there can be an extra pressure that peers and managers will view mental health challenges as a weakness.

This absolutely shouldn’t be the case – good employers should value good mental health as much as good physical health and do all they can to create positive, open working environments. The viral letter from a worker to her boss is a great demonstration of the art of the possible. Recent evidence points to a better work life balance contributing to better productivity in the workplace so why would businesses not want to invest in this area?

At the DMC we want to ensure we have spaces and places that our community of businesses and their staff can use and enjoy. We’ve refreshed our roof terrace (the best kept secret in Barnsley!) with planting and colour, and comfy beanbags and made some improvements that mean the space can be used for events and activities.

This coming week we have devoted to a focus on wellbeing, and we’re delighted to be working with sound artists Hayley Youell and Andy Seward to host an installation on the roof entitled To The River that reimagines recorded sounds from the River Dearne in a new composition. The sound installation will reveal the river, which in principal flows within view of the DMC but can’t be seen due to the foliage and built up areas around it. The sound will envelop a visitor as they stand at the front of the roof terrace and observe the view. The work is part of a commission the artists have completed for the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership.

With the sound and hopefully some sunshine as a backdrop we will kick off the week with an open, informal lunch on Monday 18th June from 12 until 1pm to launch the installation. Across the week we will have Tai Chi, Yoga and creativity on the roof and on Friday, we will be having a 5 o’clock chill out with tunes, drinks and socialising. Check out our events page for a full listing.

The week has been planned with UPLIFT, a wellbeing programme set up by Creative Recovery – a charity that uses creativity to support recovery, boost wellbeing and bring about social change in Barnsley. Creative Recovery will host their regular Live Arts Cafe on the roof on Wednesday. The DMC is happy to be the home of this fantastic meet up.