The Hub

Light, bright and designed to get you thinking creatively.

This is our flagship meeting room and conference space. Its open and relaxed vibe is there to bring your creativity to the forefront with a range of textures around the room to fuel ideas and spirit.

The room is perfect for workshops, conferences, and everything in between. With natural break areas as part of the design, this space is what you make of it. Give us a call to book now 01226 720700

We’ve invested in ensuring that all of the spaces meet the demands of the people that use them so every meeting room boasts a flat-screen ranging from 55 to 84”. In addition, our conference and large meeting room have interactive touchscreen functionality allowing so much more than just presentations. Think of them as giant iPads with wireless connectivity, capacity for writing, drawing, note-taking and all manner of creativity and information sharing. We also have Leap Motion gesture-controlled software to help you release your inner Neo. Make the most of skype, Google Hangouts and more with our wide lens video conferencing room with 65” screen.

Need to feed your meeting guests? No problem; we work closely with our fabulous caterers to bring you the highest quality food for heart, soul and mind. Whether you need a quick sandwich ‘picnic’ or a sumptuous platter, we have a menu to suit at the right price. Our catering is provided by a local supplier in line with our Net Carbon Zero Commitment using local products.