Posted on 13/09/18 by Matthew Snowden in

While in Cesis for the TechTown Transnational Meeting, we were able to see an excellent example of what we are aiming to achieve in building accessibility to digital technology and activity.

It’s always good to see ‘TechTown in practice’ and in Cesis, it’s demonstrated brilliantly at Skola6.

Skola6 is a very different type of co-working space, housed in a former school building, it uses the best of the space available and provides fantastic opportunities for anyone living in the local community.

It’s a hub, perfectly formed for the development of creative and digital opportunities and networks, bringing together productivity, support and social surroundings.

As Cesis’ newly founded creative and digital industries centre, Skola6 is an important part of the community – and it really is a true community venture, having been conceived, co-created and designed by local people.

The centre provides an integrated location for people from the local community, so they have easy access to a wide variety of services and opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.


Unlike the architectural statement of the design and new, shiny feel of the Barnsley DMC, Skola6 has grown organically and has a calmer, more homely feel, It has the ambience of a long-established and welcoming centre, with a modern, forward-thinking twist.

Young activists and entrepreneurs contribute their time to organise – and attend – a wide variety of events at the centre, There is also the facility for small businesses and sole traders to access a productive workspace.

It’s an inspiring space, where people can develop their business and networks through hot desking and co-working; they can also utilise the studio and workshop space that’s available.

This gives them the opportunity to develop their business idea and get it onto a firm footing, without the need for large investment, or having to manage a huge risk.

There is also practical help with business support and shared equipment which might otherwise be a barrier to their success.


The enthusiasm generated by the people using the facilities at Skola6 will continue to drive it forward and cement its place as a driver of digital and creative endeavour.