Welcome to the TechTown Digital Toolkit! TechTown is an URBACT funded Action Planning Network that brought together 11 medium sized EU towns and cities led by Barnsley, UK to explore how to grow digital jobs and businesses.

We want to share our learning and help more places develop and support a successful digital ecosystem so we developed this toolkit of resources. It includes a series of Podcasts covering our thematic events with key learnings and takeaways, a range of slide decks and Prezis from our speakers and covering our main topics as well as blogs, images, videos and articles sharing experiences and ideas from across the network.

If you like what you see here, and want to join a growing community of public and private sector people supporting a range of tech ecosystems across the EU check out a resource that shares good examples and stories from across European cities within a based community. Hope to see you there!

TechTown has been led by Tracey Johnson of the Digital Media Centre, Barnsley and Alison Partridge, URBACT Lead Expert and chief ideas person at Capital Enterprise, London.