Parkinson’s tech company aims to improve standard of care with digital platform

A Parkinson’s-focused precision medicine tech company presented the results of its research with Sheffield’s Neurology Academy this week (Monday 20 June), demonstrating how digital transformation stands to improve management of Parkinson’s for patients whilst enabling providers to better target care. 

Kinetikos Health has developed a suite of digital tools, Kinetikos4PD*, including a medical-grade platform for healthcare professionals and a phone app for those living with Parkinson’s. Together, they allow clinicians to better manage treatment programmes and provide individuals with more control and visibility into how their condition is being treated. 

The presentation brought together a select audience of researchers and healthcare professionals, including Dr Richard Genever and Sue Thomas from the Neurology Academy, alongside representatives from the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, Parkinson’s UK, Sheffield Care Commissioning Group, Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre and Healthwatch. 

Pedro Teixeira of Kinetikos Health said, “Our platform offers significant benefits, from early detection when a patient’s condition changes, to tracking whether someone is taking their medication. For individuals with Parkinson’s, we believe it is very powerful to have access to this real-time data.”

“The Kinetikos Health platform also allows clinicians to prioritise patients for follow-up, which is an important part of how we can help healthcare providers allocate resources more efficiently,” Teixeira continued. “We believe that by enabling better shared decision making between clinicians and the individuals they treat, we can improve outcomes.”

“This was a brilliant opportunity to present the benefits of the digital app to the range of people and organisations involved in Parkinson’s management across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS,” said Sue Thomas, a healthcare consultant for the Neurology Academy. “This includes those living with the condition, as well as consultants, specialist nurses, commissioners, providers, AHSN, and academics from the Universities of Sheffield and Hallam. It was agreed digital technology could improve patient outcomes as well as increasing service capacity and reducing costs.”

Originally established in 2015, Kinetikos Health is a participant in the P4SY Accelerator Programme. The accelerator supports cutting-edge precision medicine startups in the South Yorkshire region and forms part of the ERDF-funded TEAM SY project, delivered in partnership with Capital Enterprise and Barnsley Council. 

“Kinetikos Health exemplifies the high-potential precision medicine companies we seek out through the P4SY Accelerator Programme,” said Nathan McNally, Health & Life Science Director at Capital Enterprise. “There is a strong need for better treatment and management options for movement disorders, including Parkinson’s. By supporting companies as they build partnerships with researchers and healthcare providers in South Yorkshire, we hope to bring a new generation of precision medicine products to market, with enormous benefits for patients all around the country.”

P4SY supports up to 30 companies in the South Yorkshire region to focus on bringing breakthrough health and medtech products to market. The six month programme will help these companies achieve key milestones in their development, with the goal of securing outside investment and building lasting partnerships within the region.