Tech Revolution Final Sharing Event

9:00am on 18/11/2020

About this Event

Tech Revolution is inviting you to join us, seven European cities, as we reflect and share our journey and insights from this URBACT Transfer Network.

The whole event will run as three sessions over two days: Wednesday 18th – Thursday 19th November. We’d highly encourage you to register for all the sessions, which are short and focused by design.

Wednesday 18th November 10:00-11:40 am (Times below are Central European times)

Session 1: The Big Picture

10:00 Welcome to the Tech Revolution Final Event

Who is in the room?

Setting the scene

Welcome from Barnsley, the network’s lead partner

Welcome from URBACT Secretariat

Keynote: Marta Krupinska Google Startups *

Q+A session

Presenting the partners

Presenting the Good Practice + each partner’s transfer

Q+A session

The digital agenda in the EU

11:40 Close


Wednesday 18th November 13:40-15:05 pm (Times below are Central European times)

Session 2: The Transfer Journey

13:40 Welcome back

Tech Revolution City Partner presentations – Part1 (4 partners)

Q+A session

Tech Revolution City Partner presentations – Part2 (3 partners)

Q+A session

15:05 Close


Thursday 19th November 10-11:30am (Times below are Central European times)

Session 3: Lessons learnt

10:00 Welcome to Day 2

Testimonies from cities

Expert corner – questions

Putting it all together

What’s next?

11:30 Close


*Marta Krupinska is a Krakow-born tech entrepreneur and Head of Google for Startups in the UK where she and her team work with high potential entrepreneurs solving real problems with technology. Co-founder of two successful startups, including a global money transfer company Azimo which raised $70M+ in funding and serves over 2 million customers in Europe, and a salary advancing FinTech Earnd (formerly FreeUp) which she exited in October 2019 to Greensill Capital. Marta holds a MA in Organisational Psychology and a Management degree from Columbia Business School.

Marta will share her insights on how startups from small and medium sized cities can hack into digital and tech ecosystems to grow impactful local companies and jobs. She will reflect on the impact of COVID and how this might actually be an opportunity for smaller cities. Finally she will introduce 2 or 3 founders which have been supported by Google for StartUps across the EU and ask them to share their stories and top tips for entrepreneurs in Europe’s small towns and cities.