SY IoT Meetup – IoT In Space

5:15pm on 05/04/2022

This meetup is for anyone with an interest in IoT (Internet of Things) and data across the region, everyone is welcome. The theme for 5 April is hearing from Internet of Things (IoT) technology businesses and people about their explorations around use of IoT in Space.

Space is the new frontier for IoT. Earth-based IoT gateways allow data collected from any source to be transmitted via satellite. This mechanism enables the exchange of short messages for IoT/M2M applications in space linked projects, so your sensor/device can provide low data-rate satellite communications. See how you can launch your business into space!

You may have spotted that we have gained some space ourselves and have changed from the Sheffield to the South Yorkshire IoT meetup, to reflect that we welcome everyone from across the region and beyond. Join us for lift off!


Time: 5 April 2022 – 5:15PM-7:15PM


Barnsley Digital Media Centre

Speakers: (10 min talks + Q&A)

Mark Davies, Ioetec – Welcome

Stephen Clarke, Chief Operating Officer and SVP Engineering (IoT) at Wyld Networks – Wyld about IoT in Space

Wyld leverages low power wireless technology and low Earth orbiting satellites with the power of LoRaWAN to enable IoT connectivity across the globe even where there is no cellular coverage.

Thomas Hutchinson, Space Hub Yorkshire Business Development Executive – Trade & Investment, Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

Opportunities in the space sector in Yorkshire

Barnaby Atkinson, Enterprise Sales, Inmarsat – Enabling the Connected World

Inmarsat is a British satellite telecommunications company, offering global mobile services. It provides telephone and data services to users worldwide, via portable or mobile terminals which communicate with ground stations through fourteen geostationary telecommunications satellites

Rikki Coles, Senior Technical Lead IoT, Connexin – Countdown: IoT checks before launching into space

Rikki will share a cautionary tale about the use of watchdog timers (used to protect against system lockups that make your code inoperable) in IoT systems.

Regional updates (5 min talks)

Lauren Shale, Project Coordinator, Connexin – IoT Engine

IoT Engine is a business support programme to help firms develop IoT products and services, or to make more use of sensors and data. See how it could support you.

Mark Wrigley – The PiKon telescope (talk and demo)

An open hardware project that combines 3D printing, Raspberry Pi computing, optics and astronomy – next to become IoT enabled.

Time permitting, we will host an open slot towards the end for anyone wanting to shout about their relevant IoT activity / events / interests.



5:15PM – Refreshments & Networking

5:40PM – Welcome & Introduction

5:45PM – Talks & Open Mic

6:45PM – Refreshments & Networking


Our aims are to:

Create a vibrant group around IoT and cybersecurity that enables individuals and organisations to share their capability and stimulate discussion and collaboration (sales-type pitches are discouraged).

Enable real-world IoT applications, through facilitating technology research/development and commercial progress.

Help position South Yorkshire as a leading IoT centre and lay the groundwork for larger events/activities that reinforce this reputation.

We will follow Sheffield Digital’s code of conduct for meetups.

If you require any further information or support, please don’t hesitate to contact: with ‘SY IoT meetup’ in the title.


SY IoT Meetup is led by:

Ioetec: A Sheffield-based start-up working to improve cybersecurity for IoT devices

With sponsorship from:

Barnsley DMC – A place to start and grow your business across two buildings with a community of outside the box thinkers

TEAM SY – connecting the tech ecosystem across South Yorkshire

Additional supporters include Things Network Sheffield, SmartSheffield and the IoT Security Foundation