Startup Meetup Barnsley

6:00pm on 13/01/2022


Entrepreneurs in Barnsley – let’s build a community together!

Startup Meetup is Entrepreneurial Spark’s first attempt at getting entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts together in Barnsley in order to start building a connected and collaborative community.

Meetups are an established way of forging strong networks (there is a direct correlation between higher number of meetups and higher number of startups created) and they usually serve well as a tool to bring people who share a similar area of work or interest.

Startup Meetup Barnsley is for:

  • Entrepreneurs (whether you’ve founded a business that now employs 500 people or just started your startup in your room, you are welcome)
  • Startup employees
  • Investors
  • Employees of startup-supporting organisations
  • Students looking to get into startups or build a business eventually
  • Startup enthusiasts (you like reading about Silicon Valley and London? It’s time to learn what’s happening in your own town!)


18:00 – 18:15 > Arrivals

18:15 – 18:25 > Introduction to Startup Meetup Barnsley and its purpose

18:25 – 18:55 > Open forum – anyone can come up front and share with the audience anything they want (promoting their startup, looking for staff, having a question, etc.)

18:55 – 20:00 > Networking

Join us for a night of interesting discussions, forging new connections and building a community!

*We ask that all participants wear a mask in public areas and where possible maintain social distancing.