Managing the Stretch and Strain – masterclass to build resilience

1:00pm on 13/03/2018

Don’t miss out on this highly rated workshop! Well worth the time investment for yourself and your business.

Our workplaces are characterised by enormous change, disruption and uncertainty and for many of us our personal lives are also busy, hectic and demanding. At this time it’s important to stay focused, deliver results and stay resilient (for yourself and your team). What do we really mean by resilience though? Is it something that anyone can develop? And how does resilience affect performance, wellbeing and happiness?

  • Reflect personally on your current levels of resilience
  • Consider a range of techniques which you can utilise to build and maintain resilience for yourself and your team
  • Learn about the characteristics which help build and sustain team resilience and thriving
  • Examine how to create healthy followership

During this engaging and interactive session we will explore skills that will increase your confidence in your ability to bounce back from the many pressures you encounter in today’s workplace and daily lives. In addition you will focus on reviewing the behaviors and activities required to build effective performance and wellbeing for yourself and across your team.

During this session, Rene will help delegates to:
understand the links between psychological well-being and physical well-being, productivity and engagement explore the impact of positive emotions on our wellbeing
examine and experiment with models of resilience building
better understand our physiological responses to pressure and strain explore how you can build greater personal resilience in yourself and your team

Rene Barrett – a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, with a Masters Degree in Business Administration, has extensive understanding of the transformation agenda and the needs of practitioners across the public and private sectors. Her commissions are focused on building capacity to develop creative sustainable approaches to organisational and individual development. Rene supports organisations both regionally and nationally in the diverse areas of leadership and management, workforce planning, workforce development, partnership working, action learning, and the development of creative problem solving skills. Increasingly she is working with clients, both individually and organisationally on building resilience, wellbeing and happiness.

Quotes from previous Masterclass delegates:
“Very worthwhile and thought provoking event, first class delivery and lots of fun and discussion. Thank you.”

“The session was engaging and so useful. It was very important to take the time to learn how to flourish, not only for work but for me.”

“Today has made me remember who I am as a leader and what my values are, and to be authentic as a leader.