How to Create Engaging Social Media Content

1:30pm on 27/06/2019

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About The Event

No matter which social media platforms you and your business are on, the key to growing your online presence is by focusing on sharing and creating, great quality content. But how do you know what to post? And where do you start? In this workshop, we’ll show you how to come up with ideas and the tools that you’ll need so that you don’t just rely on repetitive pushy sales messages or sharing other people’s content.

Within this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • The different types of social media content and how suited to each channel they are
  • How to reach your ideal audience and what they are interested in
  • How to generate ideas for content and sources of content
  • Multi-use content, how one piece of content can be repurposed and re-used
  • Tips on how to create a content calendar
  • The range of tools on offer to help you create content


For a strong social media marketing strategy, high-quality content that truly speaks to your audience is so important and, by the end of this session, delegates should understand how to create their own content while sourcing additional content that keeps audiences interested and engaged with your business page.


This session is run by Bigfoot Digital, an award-winning Barnsley-based digital marketing agency with years of experience in creating winning online strategies for a range of clients.