Data 2021 – UK, EU, Brexit and what you need to do now to be ready

1:00pm on 16/12/2020

Does Brexit impact your data management? Take a look at the upcoming webinar from DMC customer Digital Law

Data 2021 – UK, EU, Brexit and what you need to do now to be ready

As we approach the end of the transition period for the UK departure from the European union, most of the news coverage has focused on pictures of car ferries in Dover and lorries potentially queuing across Kent. The perception that Brexit is only a problem if you export manufactured goods to Europe is enhanced by the British government’s own Brexit website. As a result, many organisations in the service sector are jumping to the conclusion that Brexit is not a problem for them and they will not have to worry. This impression is clearly taking root when according to a recent survey by the Law Society of England and Wales where ¾ of respondents said that either Brexit did not apply to them or that they had taken all the necessary measures. However, all of this ignores the fact that the law relating to international data transfers from Europe to the UK will change at midnight on 31st December 2020 and may still change whether there is a “deal” announced in the coming days or not.

The UK and Data

As a member of the European Union, personal data is able to freely enter the UK from Europe unhindered. Once the UK has left the EU such data transfers between any UK based organisation relying on servers based in the European Union and a third party must be governed by a data transfer agreement that contains the necessary standard contractual clauses (SCCs), this will include any relationships that UK organisations may have with cloud providers who are hosting any personal data related to their organisation. This could include details relating to clients, consumers or business contacts, staff details, payroll or benefits. Consequently, this might affect any specialist cloud services used by an organisation as well as more general services such as Office 365, telephony and voicemail, as well as ancillary services such as any CCTV or conference call recording that may take place. If any of these services, which could conceivably include personal data be


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