Connected Manufacturing- transformation through technology

9:30am on 17/05/2017

What does Industry 4.0 mean in practice? How can manufacturers really benefit and how can digital experts get involved? Find out at the first Connected Manufacturing event on Wednesday 17th May at the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley.

This event will give you the opportunity to hear directly from manufacturers who are already increasing efficiency and productivity through the application of digital technologies.

Confirmed participants include speakers from Naylor Industries (Barnsley), Stainless Plating (Sheffield), and Coca Cola European Partners (Wakefield) plus the digital companies that are working with them.

You’ll hear about how these manufacturers are using digital solutions to transform their production and quality processes and drive improvement through the supply chain. Topics include data gathering and monitoring, data analytics, information management and reporting, connected devices and the Internet of Things and smart software solutions. Plus an exhibition will allow you to explore the digital interventions in more detail including the Siemens Digital Factory.