Augmented Reality: A DMC X Sheffield Digital Mash Up

5:30pm on 20/02/2018

Join the DMC and Sheffield Digital on Tuesday 20th February 2018 from 5.30pm to find out about some of the exciting developments in Augmented Reality and how it may apply to you and your business.

The DMC has teamed up with Sheffield Digital to produce a series of three events looking at some of the latest developments in tech in our region. We’ll be inviting speakers from local companies and institutions to bring us up-to-date on their work and how their products are being used.

The technology to create 3D photorealistic visualisations and images is becoming more and more accessible. While Virtual Reality creates immersive experiences using headsets, Augmented Reality (AR) uses a phone or tablet to overlay computer-generated imagery on the user’s view of the real world.

Come and hear from three companies who are using AR in very different ways.

Jonny Briggs from Field Design will talk about how they developed Field Augmented Reality (F.AR), their new AR application for museums and galleries.

Laura Smith from Slanted Theory will demonstrate how they use VR and AR to create interactive data visualisations that help people understand their data and business processes.

Ben Carlin from Epiphany VR will talk about the new AR app they are developing for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, which is designed to help lower stress and anxiety for children going in for treatment.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in current developments in AR technology from developers and tech entreprenuers through to any business who wants to learn how AR can help them in their business or what the market opportunity is for them.

Drinks and food will be served.

This event has been organised by the DMC, in collaboration with Sheffield Digital, an organisation dedicated to promoting digital industries across the region. It is part of a short series of events to encourage local digital and creative businesses, as well as people interested in the digital industries, to innovate, network and collaborate.