Adventures in Home Automation: A DMC X Sheffield Digital Mash Up

5:30pm on 24/04/2018

Join the DMC and Sheffield Digital on Tuesday 24th April 2018 from 5.30pm to find out more about how to get started using IoT/Smart devices in your home! 

The DMC has teamed up with Sheffield Digital to produce a series of three events looking at some of the latest developments in tech in our region. We’ll be inviting speakers from local companies and institutions to bring us up-to-date on their work and how their products are being used.

Smart devices are on the rise – from Roombas to Ring, your home can be a hotbed of automation and intelligence. Does this need to be expensive? Does it need to be complicated? Do you need to worry about who’s watching you, listening to you or controlling the temperature of your fridge?

This informal event is a chance to hear from two people who’ve set up their own smart home systems – learn what worked for them, what didn’t, what the options on the market are and much more.


Our speakers are:

Alex Kelly, Head of IT at Tinsley Bridge Group

Alex will share lots of information about the projects he’s done at home including building things with Raspberry Pi. He will talk through the kit he uses including why and how … and what stuff he’s tried and rejected! He’ll tall about his motivation and what results he’s achieved from making things.

Roy Woodhead

Roy will talk about the NodeMCU starter kit. This kit goes from beginner to home automation based around NodeMCU which is a version of an ESP8266 Wi-Fi enabled SoC. This approach costs about £30 and uses Arduino.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in making their home or workplace smarter in an affordable and hands-on way.

Drinks and food will be served.

This event has been organised by the DMC, in collaboration with Sheffield Digital, an organisation dedicated to promoting digital industries across the region. It is part of a short series of events to encourage local digital and creative businesses, as well as people interested in the digital industries, to innovate, network and collaborate.