Homebrew with a difference

Blog post by DMC’s Tracey Johnson

It’s been the first Homebrew Website Club tonight at Barnsley Digital Media Centre and, fuelled by pizza and liquid refreshments, we’ve been talking, blogging, thinking and doing. This is something that will happen monthly (every third Thursday) – a bit of space and time to think about personal websites/web presences. Our identity is a huge part of who we are online and offline. We can perhaps aim to curate and control it better online than IRL but actually who owns the content we create on the major platforms? It’s unlikely to be you, and if the site disappears, closes, or someone hits the off switch on the interwebs then all of your content is gone. Having a personal website at least gives you a repository for your content that you can control, and a little bit of the online world you can call your own.

So lots of the discussion tonight has been about what content is best suited to your ‘personal’ site vs what should be on your ‘business’ site. We’ve discussed the pressure of creating content, and what subjects to cover. There’s also been more technical discussion as well as lots of practical work.

It’s definitely been a timely reminder that we need to up the level of content here on our DMC online world! We shall endeavour to up our blogging game between now and the next Homebrew Website Club which takes place 15th August 6-8pm. No pressure, but we suggest you do the same 🙂